Or almost done…there are som few small details left on my costume, but otherwise I’m done with my Aion cosplay! This has been a long battle, and I seriously didn’t believe I would get it done for the convention last weekend, 29.06.13, but i did!

So I present my Hyperion Plate armor, made from scratch with worbla, the best cosplay material you will ever buy…or at least that’s what I think. 
I used a couple of months to finish this one, with A LOT of breaks and unforeseen troubles. I hope my next costume wont take so long, now that I also know how to work my way around with worbla at least a bit more then what I did when I started.

If you want to follow my process more with other costumes in the future, just follow me either on facebook or deviantart, where I’ll probably upload most of the stuff I do, Or you can follow me on Instagram too!

Instagram: Ibelinn

Photos by Nils Katla and Danarki



So after a long time not even realizing I actually have a blog, I’ve started on a new cosplay! Yey for that! Took me a long while and a lot of thinking of what I wanted to do next. I thought at first at the sight of Lightnings new outfit in FFxiii-3, that I just HAD to do that, but I didn’t get very far with that Idea. Later on I thought that I might do another Guild Wars 2 cosplay, but I struck gold when I found by accident some concept art from Aions newest update for later this year, 4.0. There where so many gorgeous outfits, and they where so much cooler than a lot of the older designs. I just fell In love with all of them.

What made me choose was the wish of making a big armor, and actually cover my wholebody for once. And because boobarmor…no but it’s awesome

There is however a slight problem with the lack of reference pictures, and with only the concept art and some low resolution pictures of the ingame armor, I’ve challenged myself by using my own head to come up with details that I think suits the armor, and what I think I can see, both at some advantage, and a lot of headache rapping myself around ideas.
I have about 91 days left, I want to be done by and wear it at Desucon 8, June 29th.
The material Is Worbla, and a bit of craft foam.


(sorry about bad photos, made the «breastplate» today)




I’ve still got a lot to do with the pieces I have, they need gesso(breastplate), sanding, base color, painting, and some finishing spray witch will seal, protect and make it shine…oh lots to do..

I’m not really good at finishing things. I always start working on something, and quit or just forget to do any progress.
Anyway, I started another guild wars 2 cosplay some time ago, and this time I know I can make it. I got some of the smaller peaces done, or as done as they can be without gems. Also done sewing some parts, but have a lot to do.

Anyway, the next couple of days, I’ll make gemstones of resin if I can get some silicone at my school, start the shoulder armor, and some other things.

These are the arm-armor-assezzorice-thingi??